peter burr


A skeptical new age collaboration with Ross Christy. Art critic John Motley observed: "Burr cannibalizes disparate imagery by cutting out pictures from magazines and reassembling them in disorienting arrangements. As maize is transformed into corndogs, and kittens and dachshunds weep, Burr's playful collages reinforce the show's portrayal of nature as defiled and corrupted." You can read more about it here.

In response to a collection of collages I presented in this show, arts writer Carrie Schneider wrote, "Burr creates scenes of blissful domestic life -- children congregating around the home stereo system, mothers and daughters working and observing in the kitchen -- and turns them on their heads by sprinkling in images from bodybuilding and porno mags. The tanned, greased, hairless torsos and limbs contrast the innocent fireplaces, refrigerators and bundt cakes. The collages are then coated with gloss medium and outlined in neon puff paint -- creating an overall sense of tainted nostalgia, of loss for the best." See part of that collection here.