peter burr


A hooliganship performance that integrated projection, costumes, live music, and dance moves taught to the audience through xeroxed pamphlets and an instructional video. Selected performances include Version Fest in Chicago, IL; BLIM in Vancouver, BC; and The Food Hole in Portland, OR. Watch documentation of a 9am performance here.

"Gylden Load", a single channel version of this piece, thematically emerges from an interest in subverting the prevalence of violence in popular animation and video games through transforming imagery into abstraction. The violence gets re-encoded  in more minimal terms via an overabundance of color and strobing light. Watch it here.

A second standalone animation called "SDSTA" was produced from this work. It was created on a chalkboard and follows a stream-of-consciousness logic that focuses on a constantly-morphing protagonist through a series of crudely rendered video game environments. Watch it here.