peter burr

future television

A live video performance set in a melancholy world of virtual office work. It employed live green screen compositing, a sci-fi stage set, and a curated collection of animations to explore a mashed-up future of television. Centered around a narrative that delved into the frustrations of a man working alone in the woods, I combined live music, digital slideshows, and short animations by Allison Schulnik, Jim Trainor, David Daniels, Nate Boyce, and others into an electroluminescent piece of live cinema. In total, I performed this in 25 venues across 7 countries.

The performance has since become a single-channel animation called "Faketrap". . It takes the perspective of a generic avatar lost in a dark, low-polycount wilderness. Through a disjointed dreamlike structure, visions of violence and decay punctuate a claustrophobic struggle with lost control. Created as part of the Impakt Works residency program in Utrecht, NL.

Watch it here.