peter burr

voluptuous panic

Now Age musical duo Prince Rama and I created a set of live projection experiences in the winter of 2014 exploring the brink of non-being through the lense of contemporary extreme sports. In the words of Taraka Larson, "this is a pummeling, voluntary thrust into the heart of darkness at the speed of light - a face-first bungee jump off the mortal coil into a the gaping canyon of forever - hurling a fist full of snow at death's grin from high on a ski-lift doomed to eternally climb the summit-less mountain - a motorcycle falls from a tear in hell - a go-pro panoptic eye scans a landscape groomed for speed - a tesseract constructed out of a half pipe makes time slow down and life to flash before you in vivid colors - a pastless futureless continuous NOW interrupted only by the consumption of a mysterious glowing green slime made from medieval unicorn tapestries from shining aluminum cans marked "ENERGY".