peter burr

expanded works
. pattern language
. cave exits
. special effect
. green | red
. mwm
. digging fills

single-channel videos
. the mess
. pattern language (cinema edition)
. special effect (cinema edition)
. green | red (cinema edition)
. alone with the moon

collaborative experiments
. the shape of indoor space
. descent
. live television
. wayward fronds
. voluptuous panic
. colony of light
. holographers
. opinions
. autumn
. cable tv
. screen object
. drowning club

early works
. cartune xprez
. future television
. faketrap
. dudulups
. gylden load
. super sellody
. junk spirals
. sneakers
. realer
. trash
. adventure
. meditatce
. slow dance recyttal
. crdbrd crystl vrtx
. spaces
. sdsta
. go
. den
. doos
. party piles
. daydream animals
. bountiful little dudes



A hooliganship video performance from 2006 set in the style of a graphical adventure game. It debuted as a Hooliganship performance that combined cinematic projection with costumes and live music. In total I performed this work in dozens of venues including Monkeytown in Brooklyn, NY; The Portland Art Center in Portland, OR; and The Blue Barn Theater in Omaha, NE. The narrative follows Hooliganship as their band practice is cut short by a character named Donald Trumpet who lives in a cave made from pizza boxes in their kitchen.  A stream-of-consciousness adventure ensues that takes us deep into the minds of Mr Trumpet and his cohort, a homeless man living on a park bench and dreaming of riches.

Watch a standalone version of the video here.

See performance documentation here.