peter burr

expanded works
. dirtscraper
. pattern language
. cave exits
. special effect
. green | red
. mwm
. digging fills

single-channel works
. the mess
. pattern language (cinema edition)
. special effect (cinema edition)
. green | red (cinema edition)
. alone with the moon

collaborations + commissions
. interference av
. the rare event
. nematodes
. the shape of indoor space
. descent

. arcology
. live television
. wayward fronds
. voluptuous panic
. colony of light
. holographers
. opinions
. autumn
. cable tv
. drowning club

early works
. cartune xprez
. future television
. faketrap
. dudulups
. gylden load
. super sellody
. junk spirals
. sneakers
. realer
. trash
. adventure
. slow dance recyttal
. crdbrd crystl vrtx
. spaces
. sdsta
. go
. den
. doos
. bountiful little dudes


pattern language (cinema edition)

'Pattern Language' is a term coined by architect Christopher Alexander to quantify the aliveness of certain human ambitions through an index of structural patterns. Some advocates of this design approach claim that ordinary people can use it to successfully solve very large, complex design problems. In this piece, Alexander's design theories are applied towards the construction of a generative video game labyrinth resulting in a rhythmic animation made of rippling, skipping, and strobing arrays of light. The whole environment is infused with a procedural vitality brought forth through cellular automata and crowd simulation algorithms.

This film premiered in 2017 at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. View an excerpt here.