peter burr

expanded works
. pattern language
. cave exits
. special effect
. green | red
. mwm
. digging fills

single-channel videos
. the mess
. pattern language (cinema edition)
. special effect (cinema edition)
. green | red (cinema edition)
. alone with the moon

collaborative experiments
. the shape of indoor space
. descent
. live television
. wayward fronds
. voluptuous panic
. colony of light
. holographers
. opinions
. autumn
. cable tv
. screen object
. drowning club

early works
. cartune xprez
. future television
. faketrap
. dudulups
. gylden load
. super sellody
. junk spirals
. sneakers
. realer
. trash
. adventure
. meditatce
. slow dance recyttal
. crdbrd crystl vrtx
. spaces
. sdsta
. go
. den
. doos
. party piles
. daydream animals
. bountiful little dudes


special effect (cinema edition)

This single-channel version of Special Effect explores "The Zone", a space from Tarkovsky's film "Stalker" in which our normal rules of physics are suspended. We follow 3 men (The Artist, The Professor, and The Stalker) as they journey deep into this environment hoping to steal a glimpse of its rumored power. The fractured and spiraling narrative is traversed through a hypnotizing blend of live action and various digital animation styles. The soundtrack alternately drones and soars as we travel across an entrancing depiction of this fantastical space and meet the characters who have chosen to inhabit it. Stylistically drawing from many contemporary practices, My own work shifts between different visual styles while incorporating commissioned content from Brandon Blommaert, Jacob Ciocci, Billy Grant, Brenna Murphy, Yoshi Sodeoka, and Ola Vasiljeva.

. It is currrently available online through Undervolt.