peter burr
cave exits

In video games, there is the concept of a dungeon that generates itself: an endlessly mutating death labyrinth. Cave Exits sets this living structure inside a 4-channel video cube. Recalling the way we interact with online media – clicking, zooming, scrolling – it turns the visual archetype of the labyrinth into a circuit board for lost, anxious feelings. Viewers are unable to process all incoming information in a single sitting, having to choose between screens if they want to sate their curiosity and learn more about the shifting structure. Unlike choosing between branches in an interactive narrative where the peripheral is an explicit set of controls, here the peripherals are the human neck and eyes, allowing for expression beyond mere hardware.

Cave Exits premiered at Images Festival in 2015 and has since shown at venues including Fenway Park in Boston, MA; 3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center in New York, NY; and The Bank Hill Ice House in Berwick-Upon-Tweed, UK.

Watch the trailer here.